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By Erika Ginnis (from a talk originally given in the 1980's)

My talk today is on communication. I chose it because communication is something that I have affinity with. This is not news to the people who know me. I have been known to hold a conversation not only with others but with myself at length out loud at my desk or in front of the computer. Talking makes my body happy, and as spirit I enjoy it because it is one way that I can communicate either with another person or with myself.

When I sat down to write this however, I found I was at a loss for words. The topic of communication was so vast. There are so many avenues each with its own twists and turns and particular aspects. Even in the limited avenue of words there are many different languages and associations within those languages, not to mention the different ways we can color what we say by inflection or a look. We are so creative as spirit and I believe that as spirit one of our greatest drives is to communicate.

We communicate all the time consciously and unconsciously. We communicate by what we say, by what we wear, by our actions and our thoughts. We communicate by what we create and how we interact with our creations. As spirit we communicate with our energy. By simply being we are communicating about ourselves as spirit.

By using the spiritual ability of clairvoyance (clear seeing). A psychic reader can see the vibrations we are emanating as spirit and can communicate to us about aspects of ourselves of which we are not consciously aware or afraid to look at. That communication can be an incredible healing because it validates us, and what we are saying to the world. That validation can give us the light by which we can see ourselves and actively decide how and what we want to communicate. We bring our experience into the arena of choice, by which we take back our power.

Now this is a planet of dichotomies and so I am going to deal with another aspect of communication. I've spoken about the communication that we give outwardly, but there is also the communication that we can receive. I was talking to a really enjoyable woman the other day. She said that she believed in God, but she felt she couldn't reach this essense. That her answers were there for her somewhere but she just couldn't hear them. One of the things that I realized during the conversation was that as spirit she had much of her attention out side of herself in all her various projects and creations.

It reminded me of myself. And I know that when all my attention is focused outside myself I find it very difficult to find the answers to my questions. I could see that the reason she couldn't hear her answers from God was that she wasn't there to hear the communication. Her attention as spirit was not within. It would be like calling someone from a pay phone and never coming to your own home (the body) to receive the return calls.

I communicated this to her and she immediately began to change her energy bringing more of her focus to herself. It was a great healing for both of us.

I believe that it is from within ourselves that we can communicate with the Infinite Spirit, whether we call that essence Goddess, God, Tao, Universal Mind, Great Spirit, Allah, ( The list of course continues on and on). I believe that we are a part of all that is, and that our Temple the body is one sacred place that we can experience this communication. And that it is the place that we also experience our internal communion with self, which is in my opinion another aspect of the All.

There are many ways to find this internal divinity. One way is through meditation, whether that be a formalized type or simply the focusing of attention with the intention of listening to the silence.

By finding that quiet place within we can hear the answers that we are asking for. The Goddess/Universal Spirit is always there if we but take the time to see and to listen. I was thinking of this talk recently and I was sitting by a river. I started looking around and all I saw was communication from the All. I saw the my questions about striving answered as I watched leaves floating down the river. Carried by the current, reminding me not to fight my own flow of learning. I felt the light of the sun that didn't judge me, or want to know how much I'd accomplished.

The Great Spirit is always there, communicating to us all the time spiritually and through our physical surroundings. But it must be we who stop the chatter, perhaps the chatter of words, long enough to listen and receive. So that we can fully participate in the spiritual conversation that is always in process.

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