Eight Questions To Focus Your Life

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The following questions are originally from 1995. I find the process valuable. I hope you do as well. I continue to update the answers when I find they have changed, which they have over the years (ekg 2016).




What are the five things you value most?




  1. My spiritual communication/meditation and relating with spirit, and the freedom to do so.


  2. My relationships that they are based in honesty and love, that I am happy within them and that they are working well and are healthy and wonderful.


  3. My work/businesses (being a spiritual teacher and teaching what I know, helping people to publish their works)


  4. Being happy, having connection and alignmnent with God, security; personally, emotionally, financially, and health-wise.


  5. Being able to express my creativity and sexuality/sensuality.



What are the three most important goals in your life right now?




  1. Continuing to open my self up to a greater awareness of myself as spirit and my connection in the All that Is, God, Goddess, The Universe, allowing my own splendid happiness.


  2. Supporting myself financially with even more ease, by doing what I love and expanding my practice, and getting my next book published.


  3. Finding a new place of playfulness, ease and fun in my life.



What would you do if you won a million dollars today?





Assuming you would be in perfect health, what would you do if you knew you had only six months to live?







What have you always wanted to do but were afraid to attempt?








What kind of activities make you feel best about yourself?






Imagine if you had one wish granted, what would it be?






What great thing would you give your life to if you were absolutely assured of success?












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