Affirmation Based On One of the eight Question

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What are the five things you value most?


  1. My spiritual communication/meditation and relating with spirit, and the freedom to do so.
  2. My relationships that they are based in honesty and love, that I am happy within them and that they are working well and are healthy and wonderful.

  3. My work/businesses (being a spiritual teacher and teaching what I know, helping people to publish their works)

  4. Being happy, having connection and alignmnent with God, security; personally, emotionally, financially, and health-wise.

  5. Being able to express my creativity and sexuality/sensuality.





I know that the divine power of the Mother/Father God within me expresses as wonderful healthy loving relationships, spiritual communication and meditation, fufilling and prosperious right employment. I know that I am lovingly able to fully express and experience my creativity, sexuality, sensuality, and spirituality. I am healthy and vibrant and strong. I am secure personally, emotionally, and financially. And so it is.