Feeling the Earth


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by Erika Ginnis

Article (originally published in Widdershins 1997) (vol3iss1)

The energy of the earth is an amazing and powerful thing. I use it in my daily meditations as well as in any sort of healing or reading work that I do. When you open yourself up to this support and power, you will find a potent and very real ally in your personal and magical work. It may also change the way you think about and relate to the planet.

There are many different ways to interact with this energy. I will be drawing from what I teach in my private practice and classes. It is a very simple way of working and will give you an opportunity to recognize and experience this energy consciously. In this way you can have access to your connection to the planet when you are at work on the 10th floor of your office building, as well as when you are walking along a beach at sunset.

The reality is - that we are interconnected and a part of this planet regardless of where we are or what we are doing. It is our larger body. It is my belief that the more awareness we have of this, the more our actions will reflect that awareness.

This way of working teaches that there are certain main pathways that the earth energy flows through in the body. Consciously moving this energy through these pathways (called channels) can be very powerful. The following meditation will give you an opportunity to experience and connect with earth energy as a healing and primal force.

Earth Energy Meditation

First close your eyes, and take three slow, deep breaths.

Create a grounding cord for yourself by allowing a flow of energy to cascade down from the area near the base of your spine (your first chakra), to the center of the earth, the heart of the mother. Allow your grounding to be securely attached at both your first chakra and at the center of the earth.

Then take a moment and feel your connection, notice how it brings you into yourself and gives you access to your personal power and awareness.

Be sure to keep breathing and release energy down your grounding by simply relaxing and letting go. Let go of any tension or discomfort.

Allow your attention to settle comfortably behind your eyes and back a bit. This is an area that is called the center of your head and is related to seeing and non-judgment. It is one way to center your energy in your body.

Continue to breath and permit your energy to adjust. Continue to let go of tension or discomfort down your grounding.

While keeping you attention focused in the center of your head, be aware of your feet. Say hello to them. Allow the energy of the planet (earth energy) to begin to gently flow into the arches of your feet. Experience it as it flows up through your feet, and then moves slowly into your calves and thighs. Feel this current of energy: it may be warm or cool, or it may be simply an awareness. Let the energy flow into your hips and through that area near the base of your spine called the first chakra, and then cascade back down your grounding. This stream of energy will strengthen your grounding and cleanse it as it flows.

Notice how the energy moves like a circuit. Up through the feet, moving though your leg channels flowing into the first chakra and then down your grounding.

This is Earth energy, the force of the planet. It is the energy that our bodies are made from. It is a very powerful and validating energy for our bodies to experience. It can be very healing when we consciously move it through the legs channels in a gentle and cleansing manner.

Now take a moment and simply allow your experience to unfold. Breath.

Next, bring to your mind images of the earth. Be aware of the great oceans and the stretches of sand, the mountains and trees. See the green grasses, and smell the rich soil. Tune yourself to the natural cycles, the dance of creation and destruction that Mother Earth demonstrates each year with the seasons.

The new shoot pushing its way up through the rich brown field, the full flower and heady power of the plants in their full growth, the ripe fruit and grain of the harvest, the empty field resting after the grain is cut...death awaiting rebirth.

Allow all the colors of the rainbow to come to you and remember all of the flowers you have seen. Notice how they look with dew on their petals. Bring to mind the deserts and intense colors, the sky that goes on forever. Or the sheer cliffs of canyons, the strata of the earth pushed up into mountains, the gentle depth of the forest floor.

Perceive and respect the power of this planet, this our larger body. The tornadoes, the floods, the earthquakes, the volcanoes, the wind and rain and snow.

Let go of the idea that you can take the earth for granted. Know her to be the powerful and sentient being that she is. Honor her and give her respect, know yourself to be made from her, she is the Mother. Gaia.

Contact your love for her, and pour it forth. Let it flow from you and nourish her, as she nourishes you with the bounty of her harvest. Begin to give back to the Mother.

Finally...say hello. In the silence of your own mind, in your heart of hearts, say hello to Gaia, to Mother Earth. And then listen...allow yourself to receive a hello back from her...take the time to ask and then hear. Ask her for simple things that you can personally do to aid her and be in harmony with her. Listen, she will tell you. Commune for as long as you wish, and then when you are done thank her. Thank her for all she gives to you, for her support, for her love, for her patience. Give yourself permission to be open to this wisdom in your daily life. Let her teach you and your life will change.

Lastly, breathe and release energy, bend forward and touch your hands to the ground, letting your neck relax and your head drop. Release any excess energy back into the earth. Sit back up, open your eyes and stretch. See the world in a new way.

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