ThetaHealing (tm) 

ThetaHealing (TM)

It has been said that you create your reality based on your beliefs.

ThetaHealing (TM)  is a very powerful technique, (since it works directly at the level of held beliefs! ) done in a theta brainwave state (4-7 cycles/second), which can be used on anyone.

It is simple, easy, and dynamic. It is a wonderful process by which the practitioner and the client connect with the Universal energy of Source to co-create the release of unwanted/nonbenefitial beliefs (normally outside our conscious awareness, and which inhibit our abilities to move forward) and create desired feeling states and profound healing. This can produce amazing results on many different levels; mental physical, emotional and spiritual.

Theta includes a combination of Kinesiology, counseling, energy viewing, physical, emotional and spiritual healing as well as clarifying and replacing limiting beliefs with empowering beliefs on four levels:

    Core (conscious/subconscious)
    Genetic (DNA ancestral)
    History (past life and collective unconscious)
    Soul Level (chronic, deeply embedded beliefs)

When you receive a ThetaHealing (TM) session, you may come in with specific experiences and or beliefs that you would like to clear. We will work on whatever you would like to address. Theta works very profoundly and quickly to clear and replace limiting beliefs, agreements, ideas, states of mind and body.

If you don't know what you would like to work on, you might like to pick some things from the following list.

Here are some options for yourThetaHealing(TM) Session:

  • DNA activation
  • Soul Fragment Retrieval
  • Unconditional Love to Baby in the your ThetaHealing(TM) (a resetting of your own energetic system and experiences pre-birth experiences)
  • Soul Healing (clears past traumatic experiences)
  • Clearing Ancestral patterning
  • Clear unwanted contracts, oaths, vows and promises from this life or past lives
  • Energy Downloading of desired beliefs and information from the Creator of All that Is
  • Clearing beliefs related to physical maladies, addictions or co-addictions

If you are currently experiencing an illness this can be used very sucessfully in conjunction with traditional medicine, I however recommend that you continue your work with your medical doctor as long as you are in need of that type of care.

  • This work assists you to release resistance and limitations so that you can re-align with how you truly want to experience your life.

  • The technique works from the place of Unconditional Love and so the very process itself can feel wonderful. 

(The name Theta comes from the Theta brain wave, which is associated with a deep meditative state...

"ThetaHealing - Healing techniques used to reprogram the unconscious successfullyentifying and unblocking belief systems that are blocking your path to wellness." )


ThetaHealing(TM) Origins

In 1995, a single mother with three children developed a rare form of cancer and had only have a short time to live. When everything else failed, she was shown how to cure her own cancer instantly. In return for this cure, she was to share this technique with the world and show all how to attain instant healing through unconditional love. She was shown the ThetaHealing(TM) technique and still teaches it today. Her name is Vianna Stibal and her web page is She teaches all over the world, and is based in Idaho.


$225 (sessions start at one hour) 
I accept checks, credit, debit and cash locally.

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Note: ThetaHealing(TM) may also be included as part of your one hour  Clairvoyant Healing Combined Session


Payment policies


Please note:

Unless otherwise arranged, payments are due at the time of the session.


If this is your first time working with me, and/or it's an emergency and you want/need a session right now TODAY and therefore can't make the payment early, fear not, we can work it out. :) I just prefer that these policies are what we use going forward.


I love working with you all, I adore what I do! I want to make this payment process as clear as possible so we don't spend a lot of time thinking about it, and can focus on what we do in our sessions.


Please contact me on an individual basis if you want/need to make special arrangements. Communication is the key.


Local/in person clients

Please bring payment with you (I prefer cash, but will accept a check if you are an ongoing client). If you need to use a credit or debit card, please make the payment at least 1 day in advance via Paypal  so that we know the payment has gone through correctly.


Non local/Phone clients


Please make sure you submit payment at least 1 day in advance of our session when you use Paypal so that we know the payment has gone through correctly.



If you are an ongoing regular client, I am willing to accept personal checks; please mail them at least a week before the session (mail takes a while to get to Hawaii), or pay by the month at the beginning of the month.


24 hour Cancellations policy:

You will be responsible to pay for missed appointments unless you contact me by phone, at least 24 hours in advance to cancel/reschedule. This way we will honor both your time and mine. This doesn't come up often, but it's good to have it in writing.


Thank you so much!




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