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by Erika Ginnis (from a Sunday talk originally given in the late 1980/early 1990's)

The topic of my talk today is forgiveness, forgiveness is an energy, just as all things are energy. Forgiveness is an energy that allows you to release and let go. It is a spiritual ability. What do you think about when you hear the word "forgiveness"? Is it something that only God can do? Well, you are spirit, a bright spark of the Divine Essence, a child of the Goddess, and you have the spiritual ability to forgive.

Forgiveness has to do with letting go, releasing something you no longer want, are completed with. Forgiveness has a lot to do with non-judgement. When you judge, you tend to hang on to whatever it is, forgiveness allows you to let go of the clenched fists so you can move on without taking unwanted things with you. As you release judgement about yourself and your creations, about other people and where they are at, you can begin to forgive yourself and others and in so doing you free yourself from unwanted energy. Forgiveness doesn't have to do with judging something good or bad, it's simply letting go.

Now, sometimes it might seem easier to say to yourself.."Well I will wait, until this is resolved" or "I will forgive this person or event as SOON as this or that happens" but what the reality is, in my opinion, is either you have forgiven someone or you haven't, you have either allowed yourself to let go or you haven't. Now, I know for myself I always thought of forgiveness as something I would be doing FOR someone else and so it was difficult for me to imagine forgiving someone when I felt they had wronged me in some way. But when we hang on to, or blame, or judge someone else, then essentially we are holding on to that energy and it can keep us from experiencing our own unique vibration as freely as we might wish to. It can create tension, anxiety, and discomfort. Forgiveness allows motion and healing. So when you are forgiving someone, you are actually HEALING YOURSELF by allowing a cleansing and releasing.

I will relate a story that I heard a long time ago, you may have heard some version of it at some point. A long time ago, there were two men walking along a path in the woods. Now they were monks of an eastern order, an older man and a younger man, and as such they were not supposed to have any contact with women. Now as they were walking they came upon a flowing river, and there at the edge of the river was a young woman who had no way to get across. The two monks stopped at the river, and the woman asked them if they would please assist her across the river. The younger monk turned his head so as not to look at her and waded across the river, while the older one picked the woman up and carried her across to the other side, where he set her down again on the river bank and proceeded on his way.

Now the two men walked along in silence, the younger monk the whole while seething inside with indignation, but not saying anything. Some time passed, and finally he could contain himself no longer and burst out "I can't stand it! You're an elder monk. How could you carry that woman across the river?" And the older monk smiled, turned, and said "Well, that was a half hour ago that I set the woman down on the bank of the river. You, however, are still carrying her."

I always remembered that story, and I thought of it when I started preparing for this talk. How often in our lives do we carry things with us, long after the fact? How many burdens are we still carrying because we judge them? And this applies not only to forgiving others, but to ourselves as well.

I believe that forgivness is it's own reward. It frees up energy and creativity, it allows us to move on. Have you ever noticed that when you finally let something go you are free to let go of the pattern completely?

As you allow forgiveness you allow motion. Now the big question is; can we allow this same information when it comes to ourselves? Can we allow ourselves our own self-forgiveness whenever we make a mistake or learn a lesson? Do we have limits to how many times we can forgive ourselves or others? Again, it helps to remember that forgiveness has a lot to do with letting go, not holding on to those mistakes, and learning the lesson, letting go so you can move on. It's a spiritual ability, grounding and neutrality can assist with validating your own unique ability to forgive. So that you're not carrying the weight of all the many mistakes or learning experiences you've created. And forgiveness doesn't mean denying your body's emotions or experience, it's simply about releasing and letting go, allowing things to fall away. So that you can begin anew, in the present.

Who are you having a hard time forgiving? What is it that you're holding on to? How heavy is that burden. Wouldn't it feel great to let it fall away, to finally end the conflict? As you release what no longer works for you, you can get in touch with your own truth, and as you do that, you can create what works for you now.

You are free partake of the field of infinite possiblity.

When you add forgiveness to your prayer or meditation, then you you create a space for new-ness to appear. You allow yourself to release what you're holding on to against a situation or person, even if it is yourself. You release the hold and allow the energy to flow. You open youself up to experiencing the universal forgiveness which is always available.

If you hold on, it's difficult to allow your own forgiveness or to see that the Universe has already forgiven you. And if you find it difficult to forgive someone else, then it's like the story of the two monks, essentially you will continue to carry the burden with you, perhaps even longer than the person you're upset with. As you allow forgiveness, you lighten your load. You can allow others to simply be where they are at, you may not agree with their choices, but forgiveness allows you to accept, release and let go, and continue on your own way.

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