Some thoughts on Divination and the Idea of "Future"


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by Erika Ginnis  (Originally published in Widdershins 1997) (vol6iss5) 

I meditated on divination and the tools that I use, which was kind of interesting because the tool I normally use is my clairvoyance. If I want to see trends far in the future I look to astrology and the transits that are taking place, or the progressions. I find that astrology has been one of the most accurate ways that I get that kind of broad view into what is unknown to my conscious mind about the lessons I have chosen.

But in general I use my ability to use my clairvoyance to do whatever kind of "divination" that I do. I normally don't think of it as divination at all, because I have thought of divination as the act of foretelling the future, and I don't put much focus on that in my reading. However what I am doing when I am reading is looking at energy, and bringing into conscious awareness information that wasn't otherwise available to the person. So in a way that is a type of divination. Also one might ask "what constitutes the future?" Is it "more" future if it is in 20 years of if it is in 20 minutes. These were the kinds of things I was asking in my meditation.

In reality when I read, I adjust my energy so that it is vibrating at a slightly higher vibration than the person I am reading. This allows me to tune in to information that is not quite manifesting on the physical plane yet, but is just coming into being. I suppose in some way that actually is reading the future, but the "future" that is focused on is just beginning to manifest, ( creations always start at the spirit level first). Freewill comes into play here, since it is my belief that you can change your future based on your beliefs and the choices that you make in the present.

One of the things that I was profoundly moved by when I meditated on it, was the idea of future at all. It is my belief that everything is happening all at the same time and that we have this particular "time and space" area of reality set up in which to learn things. When I started really looking at what I do when I read and how I adjust my energy to get the information, and why that works, I came up with some very interesting insights.

They may or may not translate into words well so bear with me. I got that past present and future while we normally visualize them as on a horizontal time line, might more accurately be seen as on a vertical vibration line or spectrum. With the lower/slower vibrations corresponding to the "past" and the higher/faster vibrations corresponding to the "future". When I raise my vibration slightly to read what kind of information someone is just beginning to manifest as spirit I am putting myself sort of in their "future" to take a look. It of course looks like my "present".

In my Yoga class my instructor is always saying that we are the past tense of God or Goddess ( or whatever word you chose to use ) and that God is who we are at some point in the future. I am paraphrasing here. I am actually beginning to get what that is about and it is this same concept.

What I see we are doing with meditation or magic or prayer is raising the vibration in the body over "time and space" toward some culmination point where the and space cease to exist in this linear form. In fact the idea of "raising energy" is just great with this because it puts that which we want to happen into this higher energy level and hence into our "futures" so that we can catch up to it later in our bodys' reality which is the whole manifestation thing. As we increase our own vibration we decrease the time it takes to "catch up" with our creations.

In my own practice I talk about present time a lot, as being that point of power. This also holds true how important it can be to work from "present time" because that is where our bodies can operate since that is where they exist. When we do this we can do our energetic work and be in alignment with the body, allowing it to evolve through it's cycles and staying present with our energy to be able to respond as spirit.

If we fall back into "past time" (with non forgiveness or blame especially) depression can hit since our energy it is falling back into a slower/lower vibration, and if we as spirit jump head long into the "future" (with worrying or being two steps ahead of ourselves) and try to take the body there, it will stress out and get very fearful since it is then trying to vibrate at a rate higher than it can at that moment.

The more we as the magical spiritual energy beings that we are, allow ourselves to harmonize with the body by matching our vibrations more in alignment with the bodys' "present" then we can draw our bodies and personalities up in vibration over time, and ultimately get to that experience of the unfolding moment.

I am seeing that this gentle drawing up into the future of our vibration, (which already in reality exists), is the goal of the kind of divination that I do. I accomplish this by continuing to clear my own field by meditation, and also by the release I get from reading other people. It is some how cumulative, at some "place" in the "future" we are all one thing and so when ever any one of us assists another to draw themselves up, by divination or healing or anything else, then in some way we each get lifted.

This has been a very valuable idea to meditate on. I knew it to be significant information when it came to me, and then I promptly forgot it!!. The exercise of writing this brought it back to me so that I could get it down on paper. There is more for me to do along these lines. I am looking at all that I do in new ways.

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