Personal Affirmation

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Find a quiet time and place and say this to yourself softly. Enjoy the feeling.

RECOGNITION, That which is called by many names, Goddess, God, Tao, Universe, The All, Allah, The Great Spirit... The Universal Spirit is truth, love, all compassion and healing. It is the ever present fabric and structure in which everything exists and from which everything is made. It is the all creative mother, it is all nurturance, acceptance, forgiveness, all knowing, complete and whole, the answers to all questions are contained with it. It is mother, It is father, It is all, timelessly encompassing all time. It is infinite and intimately personal. It is all strength, all love all knowledge, all good. It is the good it is good, it is life, it is breath, it is wisdom and power and light and health and perfect action and stillness. It is perfect peace. It is the creative spark, it is infinitely expressive and expressing. It is tender and generous and joy and caring. It is all knowing. It is beautiful compassionate wisdom.

UNIFICATION, to know that we are all a part of the infinite whole... The Infinite Spirit is everything, is everywhere present, is the essence the light the truth. I am a child of this strength and knowing and beauty, I am created from the very fabric of this infinite love. I can in no way be separate from it. At my very core, my essence is that which is also It. I am spirit, I am complete as It is complete because I am It in expression! I am a divine bright spark of It. I am that which It is. I can be no other, despite any appearances. I am truly the creative expression of the One the All the Magnificent. Therefore I know that I can be be no other than I truly am, which is all truth love, abundance support, security, health light healing. I am one with It. I come from and am made of and have my very being in that which is the all the infinite the love the light. I know this to be who I really am. I am I am I am. It is therefore I am. And as It is all goodness therefore I am all goodness.

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