On Healing And Personal Power.

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( Erika Ginnis 1997)

In order to do anything we need to use energy. We can think of using our energy as accessing our power. Healing energy is one way that this power and energy can manifest. Healing is dynamic it is not stagnant, it has movement to it. In order to accomplish that movement we need to have a working relationship with our own personal power. We do not heal by being weak or passive, and indeed it may take a lot of power to stand strong when we are changing something in our lives that has been in place a long time.

Personal power also plays a role when we run up against other peoples ideas about how we should be. If we have been a certain way for many years and we start to heal that, not everyone in our lives will like it. When we change we automatically create change for the others in our lives. That change can be dramatic or subtle, either way it takes strength and power to be certain of who we are and to welcome people into the new structure, or to let them move on from us if that is what happens.

I personally believe that healing happens from the inside out, it is all "self healing" of one kind of another, and usually has more to do with letting go and coming into equilibrium than anything else. I believe that at some deep spirit level we are part of a greater whole that contains the blueprint of ourselves at optimum flow. When we let go and release we can allow the energy to come into alignment with that blueprint and healing happens.

When we "heal" someone else, I think that we do the most good when we assist them and not try to do it for them. This to me looks a lot like shifting energy so that movement and change can take place and then reminding them of what they know at some depth of themselves, giving them permission to continue the process at their own rate of growth.

One the biggest challenges I see healers ( including myself ) face is to remember to heal themselves first and then continue to do so. It can be easy to fall into being overly responsible for the people you are healing in your life. In reality we can never fix someone else no matter how hard we try! We can offer and give assistance and help and support and move energy and many other wonderful things but we can not carry another person on their path. Sometimes it's difficult when we see someone learning their lessons and feel that we could save them so much trouble (Since we know SO much better from having gone that way ourselves). Our life experience can certainly be useful to people, but only when they are ready for it and not before. Even then our answers aren't necessarily someone else's.

When we turn our attention within and have the strength to let others make their own mistakes and trust that they will accept help when they are ready, then we have the time and energy to heal ourselves. This of course allows us to come from a place of fullness rather than depletion in our own work. It also gives those around us permission to do the same. It takes a lot of personal power to let go of the part of the ego that needs us to be constantly fixing others in order to feel useful, but I think that it ultimately gives others an opportunity to develop their own personal power.

When you use your power you will get noticed. Some people will like this and be attracted to you and some will find it annoying. A lot of the time the people who have something in themselves that limits their power will have the hardest time with yours. You can then heal yourself by realizing that you are not here to please them and that it may have more to do with them than you. Or you may decide to take them on as a project. It is of course up to you :).

Recognizing and using your healing energy is an incredible experience. Helping someone else can also be amazing. As you do this your own power will increase, you will be able to accomplish more and have a greater effect on your own life and the lives of others.

Sometimes though what is most profound is less about making things happen and more about letting go and allowing things to happen. I have found that my most powerful experiences of healing have been when either through my own meditations, or assistance from someone else, I was able to let go and allow something greater to flow through me. I might call it the Goddess or the Universe or my own healing energy, it probably doesn't matter what I call it. It is the energy and power that is important. When this happens the experience is much like clearing out mud and sand from a spot in the earth that seems incredibly solid, only to realize that there has been a healing spring waiting to rise up and fill the space created with clear bright water..

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