Healing, Reading &  Consultations by Phone

General Information

Live far from the Big Island of Hawai'i? No Problem! 

I work with people from all over the globe giving Spiritual Instruction, Spiritual Counseling , Coaching, Clairvoyant Reading, Clairvoyant Healing,Theta Healing  and more, by phone. I also offer audio only calls computer to computer via Skype if you prefer that rather than the phone (best sound quality and doesn't use phone minutes but will come through your computer speakers). 

We can have wonderful sessions over the phone. Take advantage of this work, without leaving the comforts of your own home. Energy is Universal and so being physically present, while always nice, is certainly not required. Note I am on Hawaiian Standard Time; so I will need to know your time zone for scheduling.

Counseling, Coaching and Consultations

These sessions can cover anything I might do in person in a Spiritual Counseling Sessions  ,  or for more indepth Energy work the Combined Clairvoyant Sessions.This can be a one time experience or we can set up weekly, bi-weekly or monthly sessions that can keep you on track and moving on your spiritual path.


I offer all types of readings by phone that I offer in person. This includes one hour clairvoyant readings as well as clairvoyant readings and healing on specific questions. In this way I can provide you with information and offer a neutral spiritual perspective on what is happening in your life. If you have a recorder and would like to record your reading please let me know and we will set up a Skype session, or else you can use a speaker phone and we can do a sound check before we begin.

It is also possible to communicate questions/healing requests via e-mail if you prefer. We can simply set up our agreed upon amount of time much like a regular session, the difference is we will work via e-mail. See payment instructions below.


I also offer most of my compliment of healing modalities such as Clairvoyant Healing & Wellbeing, ThetaHealing (tm) via my phone sessions.  Sometimes it is nice to use the phone even if you are local, since this gives you the opportunity to stay comfy in your own home and still receive the benefit of healing work (kind of like the modern version of a house call).  See payment instructions below.

Meditation, Healing & Energy Work instruction

This works with any kind of phone set up. It is especially nice if you own or have access to a speaker phone, or hands free setting on your phone, so you can make notes as we work.  

All that is really needed, ideally, is for you to be comfortable, not to be disturbed, and be able to sit  with hands and feet apart, and feet on the floor.


Sessions are $225/hr. (sessions start at one hour)

Spiritual Counseling & Instruction

ThetaHealing (tm)

Energy Reading

Clairvoyant Healing , or Combined Clairvoyant Sessions

Natal or Transit Astrology (contact me for more information)

Payment policies


Please note:

Unless otherwise arranged, payments are due at the time of the session.


If this is your first time working with me, and/or it's an emergency and you want/need a session right now TODAY and therefore can't make the payment early, fear not, we can work it out. :) I just prefer that these policies are what we use going forward.


I love working with you all, I adore what I do! I want to make this payment process as clear as possible so we don't spend a lot of time thinking about it, and can focus on what we do in our sessions.


Please contact me on an individual basis if you want/need to make special arrangements. Communication is the key.


Local/in person clients

Please bring payment with you (I prefer cash, but will accept a check if you are an ongoing client). If you need to use a credit or debit card, please make the payment at least 1 day in advance via Paypal  so that we know the payment has gone through correctly.


Non local/Phone clients


Please make sure you submit payment at least 1 day in advance of our session when you use Paypal so that we know the has gone through correctly.



If you are an ongoing regular client, I am willing to accept personal checks; please mail them at least a week before the session (mail takes a while to get to Hawaii), or pay by the month at the beginning of the month.


24 hour Cancellations policy:

You will be responsible to pay for missed appointments unless you contact me by phone, at least 24 hours in advance to cancel/reschedule. This way we will honor both your time and mine. This doesn't come up often, but it's good to have it in writing.


Thank you so much!









If you have any questions or would like to make an appointment,please call

(206) 669-5881 or send email at erika@inbreath.com 








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