Protection Roses

Boundary to Your Sacred Space

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by Erika Ginnis

fifth in a series of articles (Originally published in  Widdershins (vol4iss3))

I am going to talk about a couple of different awareness techniques in this article. The main focus is going to be on what I will refer to as your "Protection Rose", which I will explain in a bit. However, in order to actually teach this technique, I need to first talk about the aura, since these two things are closely linked.

Your aura is an energy field that surrounds your body. It is all around you like an eggshell is around an egg, or like the glow from a candle. Many different people have opinions about what it is made of or what it consists of. I am not going to give a great deal of background along those lines, since there is so much good material already available on this topic.

Your aura is constantly changing depending on what you are doing and what you are experiencing at any given moment. It is your personal, private psychic space. Whatever is going on within you is also being projected in some fashion out into your aura. The energy of the chakras, which I talked about in the last article, flow out into and through your aura. This is one of the things that someone looks at when they "read" your aura. They are looking at these same energy patterns. Your aura is the window through which you see the world and through which the world sees you. It effects your perception. It is also your very own sacred space.

I am of the opinion that it is worth as much time and attention as any other sacred space on the planet since, as we learn to treat ourselves with respect, we will bring this into our lives and onto the earth.

Not many of us were taught as children that we had our own space at all, let alone having an aura. You may have given up this idea to some extent at an early age. So this concept may seem foreign to you. Using energy working techniques can assist you to regain that lost awareness. Your personal space is yours, plain and simple. You can chose to give it away, share it, trash it or revel in it, but it is yours for this lifetime.

The first step to owning something is, of course, to know you have it <grin>
Whether you know it or not, your aura is being effected by lots of different energies throughout the day. You may take things on as you go through your day, you may project things outward, it all depends.

Have you ever been around someone who you knew was really angry but it wasn't from their words or their body language? You were probably tuning into the energy that was being projected out into their aura. And if that person had their energy moved out from their body a great distance, you might not have been simply perceiving their energy, you may have been actually experiencing it.

As you become more tuned in to your own energy, by grounding and centering and moving your energy consciously, you may find yourself becoming more sensitive to energy in general. It is also very possible that you have always been sensitive to energy and that is what drew you to working magick in the first place. One of the things that I have found important in my own work is to find a way to be able to have some ability to control how sensitive I am at any given time. When you walk around being sensitive to everything around you it can be very uncomfortable to say the least. It can make you want to turn everything down, or find a way to "harden" yourself to the world at large and people in specific. This can be painful to do especially if you are inclined to be a seer or healer in any way.

What I have found to be a much-preferred option is to increase awareness, and not rely on sensitivity as much. This may seem like splitting hairs, however there is a difference. When you are aware, you can perceive energy without being directly effected by it in the same way you would be if you were "sensitive" to it. You can then have more of a choice as to what kind of energy you want to experience. I have found this essential when I am working with people in a healing capacity. If I had to "feel" everything they were going through along with them, then I would be of much less assistance to them. Instead of working on healing, I would spend much of the time either writhing in pain on the floor, running from them, or else trying to control them so that they wouldn't be feeling anything I, also, didn't want to experience. Sound at all familiar?

As I allow my empathy for their situation to combine with my awareness of the energy around it, I can best see what kind of work to do and do so without taking on the energy into my own aura. I am not saying I do this perfectly, because I don't. That is what grounding and releasing energy is for!

However, having techniques to use to increase awareness and relieve some of the excess sensitivity has been an integral part of my own well being. In my case it has actually increased my ability to really relate to people, since I don't have to spend as much time worrying about becoming overwhelmed by them.

I would like to share one of the techniques that I have used for many years that assist in this process. This technique as I mentioned earlier is called "the protection rose". This is a symbol that you create and place at the edge of your aura. It helps you become aware of the edge of where your energy ends and the rest of world begins. It is like a marker. Kind of like having a fence that marks the boundaries of your yard, a protection rose is a marker that announces to you and to the world that you are consciously aware that you are spirit and that you have space.

People will actually respond to this in a big way, even if they don't know what it is to which they are responding. I especially like using it when someone is trying to push their energy into mine in a way that is unwelcome or is trying to convince me of something (such as when encountering a particularly intense sales person). I also use it on the freeway a lot when someone is tailgating me<grin>. If I put up my rose, almost without fail, the person will move around me or back way off. What I think happens in this case is that the rose surprises the person who has probably been driving on mental automatic, and reminds them that there is indeed another car right in front of them. People respond amazingly well to energy even if they are not consciously aware if it.

I have also known of a few people that have had the experience of someone actually commenting on being aware of the rose and asking them "why do you have that rose floating out in front of you?". Animals will also be aware of it, and it can be a handy way to create space if you are dealing with an unknown animal, or even a well known pet that you would like a little more space from (say when you are trying to meditate).

It is also a protection in that it acts as an absorber of energy. If, let's say as in the example above, you are in the company of an angry person and they consciously or unconsciously throw a little energy your way. If you have a protection rose up, that energy will hit the rose first and get diminished somewhat before it effects you. This may of course wear on your rose a lot but you can easily destroy the old protection rose and create a new one any time you wish. In reality, I always suggest that you check your p-rose periodically to make sure it hasn't gotten destroyed by miscellaneous energy as you go through your day. It is also very informative to notice your rose when you are in a situation when you think that someone might be throwing energy in an aggressive manner. If you notice your rose keeps disappearing that can be an indication that you are getting some extra attention.

As magick workers you are no doubt familiar with many different way to shield yourself from energy. The protection rose is not technically a shield. It is really more or a marker, a reminder to yourself and the world that everything from the rose in, is you, and everything from the rose outward is not. One of the downsides to shields in general is that they can sometimes attract more energy than they repel, or they can insulate you more completely than you really wish. I am not saying that there aren't times and places where shielding totally appropriate and extremely useful. However what I am saying is that you can have a p-rose up and not attract a ton of attention or isolate yourself BUT you can keep your sensitivity from overwhelming you while at the same time gaining awareness in general. I have even seen it assist people who are uncomfortable in social situations, because they feel less "raw" or claustrophobic.

Another way you can benefit from this technique is to use it within intimate relationships to maintain your own sense of selfness, or to create enough space so that you can continue to really see and appreciate the other person. It is also a way to maintain or regain your uniqueness after an intensely bonding experience without having to push the other person away. In addition it can be very helpful in discussions or even during conflicts with a loved one, so that you have more of a chance to communicate what you are really intending to communicate and still maintain respect and awareness of boundaries.

Lastly the p-rose can be really helpful in maintaining an awareness of your own sacred space. If you want to know where the edge of your aura is you can just look for your protection rose. If you notice it is really teeny tiny this may be an indication that your aura is way way out there and this might be the reason you feel overloaded or kind of spacey. This gives you the cue to perhaps draw your energy in around you a bit more. Or if you notice your rose being up against your nose... you might decide that you might like a little more breathing room and relax your space a little. The key here is that you are the one who is now able to respond and choose. This is a sacred precious place you inhabit. Your body is a temple and the aura is like the sacred ground that surrounds it and within which it is housed. Let yourself honor this as you would any other sacred place on earth.


With your eyes closed go through the following exercise. Don't worry if things aren't as clear as you think they should be, simply let yourself have the concept that you are doing the practice and have patience. The awareness will increase with time.

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