Illumination from Within


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by Erika Ginnis (originally published in Widdershins 1995) (vol1iss5)

This article is about following your call and knowing who you are, but it could easily be about any number of things; perserverence, committment, focus, following your dream; because in a way it is all these things. We each have a unique purpose this lifetime, something that we each as a unique spiritual being came here to do. We each have a calling, something we are drawn to. A way in which we seek to learn and explore our creative potential.

Since we each are unique it is going to be different for all of us. We each are a slightly different vibration in the All That Is, a different expression of the God and Goddess. And as such there is no one else anywhere that can bring our vibration into the world.

I think of it as an orchestra, each instrument is different but when you put them together you get an incredibly beautiful and complex piece of music. Every violin is played separately but when you put them together they produce a full chorus of sound, which is itself different from the harp, oboe or french horn. A symphony wouldn't sound complete if it were played on only one type of instrument.

Or you can think of it as a voice in a choir, each voice adding a tone or note to create a chord that rings out and is more than the sum of the parts, each individual creation adding it's own unique part. There is no one anywhere that can bring to life what your own unique vibration can.

Now it's very likely that you have been taught to hide or down play your uniqueness, being shown that different ment bad; needing to be the same to be part of a group, either at home or perhaps at school. It's very possible that your call was something that you were taught to ignore.

Maybe you had a call to the arts and were taught that business was more appropriate, or perhaps business was what you excelled at but you were taught that science was the most productive path.

So often we learn that the body, and all the material things like money, possessions, and security, are the only things that are important, or REAL for that matter. If we focus on the purely physical, it's easy for our own unique spiritual call to become faint, almost drowned out by the worries and needs and the force of the world all around us. Have you ever found yourself wondering; why am I here? What is my path or tradition? Perhaps even looking to others to tell you what was right?

Well I believe that all we each have to do is to quiet the noise of all that goes on around us and within us, turn within, ask ourselves the question and then LISTEN.

We each have a call, a unique purpose, a way to follow. We simply need to take the time to listen and hear it for ourselves. That is where perserverence and focus come in. Since it takes faith and focus to follow your calling whatever it is. It also takes courage and strength. There is always the pull of our own fears and doubts, images of what's "right", things that we have been taught are "essential for happiness" by our upbringing, church or the advertising media. The act of simply sitting down to communicate with yourself as spirit, and with your source, whether that be: the God and Goddess, The Tao, The Universe, The Great Spirit or some other expression, may end up at the end of a very long "to do" list. It can be easy to lose ourselves as spirit in the loud din of this modern world, if we don't take the time to stop, turn within, listen and remember who we are.

So who are we? Well as a working psychic and spiritual teacher it has been my experience that we are spirit, we are light, each a unique spark of the God and Goddess, an amazing creative expression of infinite possibility.

As we express our individual light it is like lighting a candle. It illuminates all that is around and in us. Bringing our awareness of ourselves as spirit into the body, brings our light into the body. As we focus and work, and learn, we illuminate all that is within us, and the more light that you bring into the body the more you can see. You naturally develop your clairvoyant (clear seeing) ability. I believe that we are all psychic. Psychic can be translated to mean "Spirit". It is just a matter of putting your attention on it and developing it.

Many people are interested in this, but there are challenges to this kind of work. I have seen many people have a lot of enthusiam in the begining, only to faulter later on. One of two things can easily happen;

  1. Things start to really work great, and so what ever malady originally got their attention is now gone, so they figure there is no need to continue the practice. or

  2. Things start changing and things get really uncomfortable for a while. So they decide it isn't really working and they give it all up.

I will address the latter of the two examples, with an analogy. As I said before as we come into the body there is more light to see by. As we look around at all that is stored in our body, we may find things that we don't like very much. Kind of like opening the door to an unused room and turning on the light and seeing all the old furniture and clothes, and dust and cobwebs, and crumbs. There may be lots of out of date magazines piled in the corner, perhaps the door has been shut for so long that the air is stale and doesn't smell to good. We notice many years worth of mail piled at the door.

Maybe as we look around we see some things that we had forgotten about, or had wanted to hide. It is possible that as we look into this room, peeking in from the door, we wonder why we turned on the light at all - so much cleaning to do!

This is the place a lot of people decide to walk away. To quite the practice, to give up on their call. To stop experiencing their own ability to see. We get caught in judgement. This, in my opinion, is the very time to KEEP GOING. I will continue with my analogy.

As we are looking into this unkept room ( our body ) worring about the clean-up process, perhaps we suddenly remember a particular view from the window, that is currently hidden by boxes. Or notice that this floor is a beautiful golden hard wood. And then we remember why we have THIS particular room, designed it in fact down to the last detail. We remember that it is our creation: the dimensions, the windows, the doors, the color or the wall paper. We created everything, including ALL the various things that we have brought or had given to us as gifts, that we have stored there.

I believe that we are spirit. We are not our body or our creations. We are each a unique bright creative spark of the God and Goddess, divinity incarnate. We as spirit are that light that illuminates the body, our creation. Going back to the room analogy; we are not the room or the things that we have stored in it, but the room and all that it contains is our creation. We each have a choice, since there is free will, to begin to illuminate, to light up, the room, or to close the door and continue to let the mail pile up. But whether we chose to deal with it or not, the room,( our body ) is still our responsibility.

Perhaps you have decided that you want to bring that light of you as spirit into your body. You begin a practice, you begin to turn your awareness within to experience your light. And as you open the door you are faced with what seems like a daunting task. Sometimes it can abscure the beauty of your creation. But as you make that descision to begin the process of owning and clearing and using that beautiful body (your room so to speak) you begin to find some space to move around. You open the curtains and let more light pour in from the sun shining outside. It can simply be a project, something that takes time and space. One step at a time, but a process, a learning, you find that you can allow some of your amusement as you toss out the 20 year old magazines that you have been keeping.

Until you allow yourself to be there and start that process, you keep yourself from all the joy, learning and creativity that is possible, which you ACTUALLY went to a lot of trouble to put together.

We have each stored unpleasant energy in our bodies, we each have our own store of old magazines and stale bread. But as soon as we bring in that illimination, we begin to see all of it, pleasant and unpleasant, the things we want to keep and the things we want to release. So starts the process of healing. It is a process we are all in. Learning to balance spirit and body.

My point is that it takes time and that's OK. As you cleanse, you can begin to love and appreciate this room, workshop, temple, your body, fill it with you. Know yourself as the amazing expression of the Goddess and God that you are! And as you do that, light will shine out through the windows and attract others who are interested in that healing process themselves. You don't have to be DONE with the project! Simply being there and allowing your divinity will remind others of who they are and that it is possible to heal yourself. You stored all your stuff in your room, and you have the ability to clear it. All it takes is opening up the door turning on the light, and letting the process continue one step at a time.

Sometimes it seems easier not to open the door, to pretend that we didn't built our room, our workshop, our home in this physical reality. But then we keep ourselves from accomplishing all that we came here to do. And that brings me back to where I started. You have a calling.

When you are allowing yourself to be there working with your body, you can hear the sound of your call. You can have the strength and vision to follow it. There is the abundance and harvest and joy that comes from hearing our call as spirit and responding. By following your dream no matter what it might be you bring forth to yourself and to this planet more than you could ever imagine.

You are doing what only YOU can do; manifesting your own unique vibration. When you allow accept time, and continue to practice, your room, instrument, body,becomes a clear vehicle for your vibration to flow though. It adds your own creative expression to the world, increasing the beauty and fullness of this particular sympthony, which is very important work indeed.

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