Spiritual Counseling & Coaching

These personalized Spiritual Counseling & Coaching sessions create the space to do ongoing personalized work specific to your individual spiritual journey. As a form of pastoral counseling they are designed to be primarily conversation related with a focus on the metaphysical within the various topics as they arise in your life. The environment of this counseling provides spiritual techniques and insights about your life, projects and processes.

Spiritual counseling & coaching can expand your perspective and provide a catalyst for the healing process, create a safe space for spiritual unfoldment, emotional healing, and increase energetic awareness assisting you to take charge of your own energy and creativity.

It varies, however normally we will meet over the phone (or on an app such as messenger if you are not located in the U.S.), to first discuss the issue, question or problem to get feedback and insight. Sometimes the conversation is enough to get energy moving in a session. If we want to dive deeper, then we work over time on the spiritual foundation of what’s happening, using personal instruction, journaling, dream work and guided meditation. We may also include healing and reading in the session.

In-person sessions are potentially available if you are going to be on the east side of the Big Island of Hawaii. If you are visiting the west side of the island please contact me in advance and we can discuss what travel to that side of the island would entail.

Please contact me to schedule your session. To pay for a Spiritual Counseling Session, you can use either the button or the link below.

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